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Station Base station anemometer
ISS unit


Control Center POE & Rotor Control Box EnGenius EOC1650 Bridge
Control Central Tower Control center EnGenius Bridge


The Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless weather station consists of a backlit console unit with LCD screen and an innovative integrated sensor suite (ISS) that includes a rain collector that is laser-calibrated to ensure the best accuracy possible with self-emptying bucket , temperature and humidity sensors and an anemometer. The sensor suite is housed inside a radiation shield, protecting the sensors against solar radiation and additional sources of reflected and/or radiated heat. In addition they have added a fifth radiation shield plate to improve accuracy and readings!
With the expanded transmission range that can be extended with optional repeaters, this Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless weather station includes an anemometer that can be mounted with the sensor suite or like ours, attached to a separate transmitter kit mounted on our 30' tower.
The Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station includes a solar-powered sensor array and other features such as on-screen graphing, forecasting using easy-to-read icons (sunny, cloudy, rain, snow), barometric pressure trend, inside temperature, dew point, humidity information, moon phase, time and date, and much more!
In addition, this high-tech wireless weather station will track highs and lows (and/or totals and averages) for almost all weather variables for the past 24 hours, days, months or years and track your local forecast! The upgraded Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless weather station is truly state-of-the-art! You can find all their stations at Davis Net

Our webcam is a Stardot Technology CS 5 Mega pixel IP Network Camera powered using a Trendnet POE (power over Ethernet) switch. It's designed for both indoor and rugged outdoor installations; the Net Cam CS streams video and produces some of the highest quality images found in a network camera. Although the SC5 boasts a whopping 5 mega pixel image sensor, it can be run at lower resolutions, including HD (1080P & 720P), portrait and wide screen modes. Ours is mounted on a 360° rotor and controlled from a wired remote in our tower control center. The video is transmitted wireless using an EnGenius EOC1650 bridge mounted on the tower. We have set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 HD1080p (19:9) view to optimize the station's needs.

The control central is run using the Shuttle XS35 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Data is collected using Virtual Weather and Storm Predator radar imaging Software and uploaded every 5 minutes to all site and Rapid Fire to Weather Underground. Our data is also collected by PWS Weather as KWABLAIN13, MesoWest ID D6936, FindU and CWOP as DW6936 and Northwest Weather Network. In addition NOAA uses our data for local weather conditions and forecasts.